About Posh Salon – Addison, TX


Posh the Salon in Addison, TX was started by Jessica Myers and she features her biography in this section.

“I was born in the Heartland – Iowa, to be exact – and my family moved around quite often throughout my childhood. Four states and several moves later we finally landed in Texas, where I spent 20 of my growing up years. While in High School I was honored as the Most Distinguished Art Student of the Year as a Junior and Senior. I truly believe the frequent change of scenery and constantly having to adjust has molded me into the resourceful and creative person I am today. I knew I wanted to use those talents and abilities that God had given me and I had developed so I set out to find a vocation that would allow me to do that.In 2002 I moved to Dallas, where I decided to follow my dreams and attend Cosmetology School. After researching many different schools I decided to attend Cosmetology Career Center, A Paul Mitchell Partner School, and I believe that was the best business decision of my life. However, it also lead to one of the toughest and most tiring times of my life, having made the decision to work full time while attending night classes.  While those 70 hour weeks were grueling, it brought me to where I am today and I would not trade it for anything in the world!  While at CCC, I built the largest student clientele base the school had ever seen.  After speaking with many of the school administrators and current stylists I didn’t believe it was in my best interest to assist and I jumped into it with both feet and landed behind a chair. Taking clients 5 days a week I was still booked a month in advance with appointments – it was crazy!  I love every second of the fast pace life and truly believe this is what I am meant to do.

My goal is to be the best in the industry and in working to achieve that end I continue to take classes to further my education.  I have been certified in SoCap Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions and Brazilian Blowouts.  It takes someone with great patience and precision to do both kinds of extensions and I love it.  I have a passion and a drive in my life that comes only when you hear and follow your calling.  Having the freedom to express my creativity in both hair and make-up is what I was born to do, and as we have all heard when you have a job that you love you will never have to work another day for the rest of your life!  I have met and helped so many people already, and my desire is to find the perfect style for you that will enhance and beautify your outward appearance, boosting your confidence so your inner beauty can shine through.

This is not work for me, but an amazing opportunity to help people find the style they have been looking for.  It truly is an honor, privilege and joy to be able to do what I do every day.”

-Jessica Myers